Inspirational web design

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The tech sector has taken a real beating over the last year or so.  As a result, many layoffs have taken place.  Some entry level positions have been eliminated.  GRAPHIC RED had an idea. Many new grads are eager to strut their stuff, and we've decided to give them the chance. Our designers and developers are unleashed, and free to take any twist or turn that they desire.  As a result, we have and are developing some extraordinary sites. We also have senior developers that provide experience and guidance.  Besides creating unique website experiences, this philosophy creates another plus for our clients......affordability.  We take the sting out of developing web sites, and are thrilled with what we do. Small and large web sights are created with equal enthusiasm.    


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We will build a custom outline of your new site... just by asking us!  No site is too big or too small. If you like the basic new look of your sight, then you can purchase it, and we'll apply the finishing touches!  If you don't like your new charge.
Now, that's a business philosophy you can live with!